What are the club’s hours?
Hours of operation: Sunday through Wednesday NOON–4AM, Thursday til 5AM and Friday through Saturday til 6am! Party with our DJ’s and girls when the other nightclubs have to shut down!

What do I need to enter?
A valid photo I.D., ages 18 and up.

Is the club fully nude or topless?
We are a fully nude club that features fully nude PRIVATE and semi-private dances.

Does the club charge an entry fee?
We do have an entertainment fee of $5 before 7 p.m. and $20 after 7 p.m.* ladies are $10 from 7pm til 3 am

Dancer Inquiries
Please call the club and speak to the manager on duty for the best time to come by. (813) 877-6406

Is there a dress code?
Yes, the following the code is enforced during all hours of operation:
– No sleeveless shirts
– No white T-shirts
– No bandanas
– No do-rags
– No jerseys
– No baggie pants
– No gang affiliated logos
– No sweats
– Or anything deemed inappropriate, disruptive, or offensive by management